President Gadji Celi magnifies


Once again the Ivorian zouker-lover, After launching hostilities with his single ” ça djô ” the king Gadji celi has just hit hard with his new single ” old fire ” from the album ” points sensitive ” President Gadji Celi as usual has kept the originality of his musical personality through the mixture of the Bété language and French which has given the Afro Zouk

In “Old Fire” President Gadji Celi magnifies the woman in all her dimension.

Since June 07, ” Ancien feu ” is available in audio and video on all legal download platforms.

In addition to being very beautiful the song, the video clip of ” Ancien Feu ” makes the saliva flow.

Until then everyone, each of us knows what to do for our old fire

If you don’t know how to click on this link:

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