Ceremonie d’humour la plus prestigieuse


It was at the Ivoire Casino that the most prestigious humor ceremony in Ivory Coast took place this Friday, May 03, 2019.

Crowded room, we could see some personalities, comedians, comedians, actors and many others signaled their presence.

It was in a festive atmosphere that everyone experienced this 2 nd edition of the IVOIR HUMOR 2019 prize.

The total and silent suspense invites itself when the time comes for the results to know who will win the IVOIR HUMOR grand prize

Surprise from home surprise: it is to the actor: Kakou Giles Romuald (BOUKARY) that this magnificent and brilliant victory returns.

Remember that the IVOIR HUMOR grand prize leaves with a check for one (1) million CFA francs.

Other victories were also acquired in different categories are:

1- Best comedy TV series: 1 minute at Deperpignon

2- Best comedy radio show: After Work (Nostalgie)

3- Best radio and TV humor columnist: De La Joie

4- Best comedy event: FIRA by Adaman Dahico

5- Best parody: Joël

6- Best web humorist: Eunice Zunon

7- Best imitator: Boukary

8- Best duet: The calibers of humor

9- Best female humorist: Prissy La Degameuse

10- Best comedian actor: Wayou

11- Best stage humorist: Le Magnific

12-Prize of the revelation of the year: Unik Son

12- Best comedy show: Agalawal

14-Best humor patron: RTI

15- Ivoir’Humour Honorary Award: Bamba Bakary

18- Best humorist for children: Koloko Germain (Papitou)

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